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Soundproofing A Room & Sound Control

Most homes and commercial buildings were designed with little regard for controlling noise pollution or the transmittal of sound from one room to another. Traffic, speech, plumbing, manufacturing...these are just some of the sources that can have a negative impact on living and working environments.

Don’t allow your project or location to be victimized by the lack of forethought on the part of others. Soundproofing a room with our foam insulation can be quickly and easily installed in interior partition walls with little to no repair being necessary. Additionally, our foam is pre-expanded and does not adhere to other materials, so it forms a custom-fitted barrier in each cavity. Thermal Advantage only offers products that are non-toxic and odor-free and can be installed with minimal disturbance to your living or workspace.

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Soundproofing a room in Pheonix by Thermal Advantage
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